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  • Female Single Room – AUD $1,715.00
  • Male Single Room – AUD $1,715.00
  • Single Room (Any Gender) – AUD $1,715.00

Concession discount available upon registration for people who are unable to afford the full price due to financial hardship.

Date & Time Details:
Arrive Friday 7 March between 4 - 6 pm for a 7 pm start
Finish Sunday 30 March with lunch

Location: Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

Address: 25 Rutland Rd, Medlow Bath NSW 2780

(02) 4788 1024

Course Code: AB1-25

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Three-week Vipassana Retreat

with Ariya Baumann

March 7 - 30, 2025

The practice of vipassanā meditation leads to a profound understanding of reality and ultimately to complete liberation. Through ‘seeing clearly’ (vipassanā) all experiences and processes in body, heart and mind, false views and concepts are exposed and right view is established.

The gradually emerging understanding and insight into the true nature of all phenomena weaken the suffering and unwholesome habitual patterns in the heart and mind. The result is an ever-increasing inner freedom to act in the world for the benefit of all living beings (including oneself).

With the overcoming of all suffering and unwholesome states of mind, wisdom blossoms fully, accompanied by compassion, kindness and benevolence for all living beings.

This retreat can be taken with five, or eight precepts (no meals taken after midday).


Ariya Baumann
Ariya B. Baumann (formerly Ariya Nani) was a Buddhist nun for 21 years, ordained in Burma by Sayadaw U Janaka. For many years she had been guiding foreign meditators at the Chanmyay Myaing Meditation Center. She now lives in Switzerland and teaches mettā and vipassanā retreats worldwide.For further detail see Ariya’s website.
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