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Dhamma Talk – A Genealogy of Insight (Online)

with Patrick Kearney

September 6, 2023

The practice of insight meditation (vipassana bhavana) is something many meditators in the west take for granted. It is easy to forget or overlook just how revolutionary the modern form of practice developed by the late Mahasi Sayadaw has been, and the importance of the Mahasi lineage in the propagation of Insight practice among lay people.

In this live Dhamma Talk, Patrick will explore the history of Insight in the Mahasi lineage, from its early origins in the 19th century to the current day.

There is no charge to join, but any donations to Patrick are greatly appreciated.


Patrick Kearney
Patrick Kearney is an independent dharma teacher in the lineage of Mahāsī Sayādaw of Burma, his principal teachers being Paṇḍitarama Sayādaw and John Hale. He has also trained in the Diamond Sangha lineage of Zen Buddhism. His original teacher was Robert Aitken Roshi, and he is now studying with Paul Maloney Roshi. Patrick has a particular interest in the Buddha’s teachings before Theravāda or Mahāyāna were thought of. He studies Pāli and seeks to bring his understanding of the early texts to the practice of dharma in the contemporary world. For further details see his website.
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