Teacher Profiles

Jill Shepherd

Jill Shepherd began practicing insight meditation in Thailand in 1999. A former manager of BMIMC, she recently spent seven years on staff at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, where she participated in many long retreats and also offered weekly meditation classes at a nearby prison. She has been invited into the current teacher training program jointly offered by Spirit Rock and IMS in the US. For further details see Jill’s website

Events with Jill Shepherd

Nine Day Retreat with Jill Shepherd: Strengthening the two wings of Awakening: Wisdom and Compassion
August 2, 2019

Strengthening the two wings of Awakening: Wisdom and Compassion This nine-day retreat will provide an opportunity to strengthen both the wisdom and the compassion wings of awakening.  We will explore a variety of different practices taken from the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, alongside the four brahmavihara heart practices of kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. Each day, there will be sessions of guided and silent sitting meditation, walking meditation, group discussion, individual meetings with the teacher and a period of optional, gentle mindful movement. There will be a period of relational meditation on the first two and last two days, while the…