Teacher Profiles

Danny Taylor

Danny Taylor has been a student of Eastern traditions since the early 1970s, and a practitioner of Buddhist meditation in the Mahāsī Sayādaw tradition since 1986. He has worked as a psychologist and is a management consultant. Danny emphasises the integration of meditation with our daily reality. He is also a leader of the group’s meditation sessions in Sydney.

Events with Danny Taylor

Foundations of Buddhism & Meditation
May 29, 2020

This integrated process over three months is for people interested in the foundations of Buddhism and its relationship to meditation & life. It consists of four events, starting with a weekend at BMIMC, followed by three half-days in Sydney. Meditation will be central, but explored in its Buddhist context as a foundation for living. The format will allow us to experiment with integrating meditation into our everyday lives, while appreciating the Buddha’s core messages. Buddhism is about lived experience. The Buddha’s approach was pragmatic. His ideas are practical and meant to change our lives. We will explore the Buddha’s perspectives,…