Supporting The Centre’s Building Program

From its beginnings in 1985 the Centre has been built on a foundation of generosity of our supporters. Donations large and small have helped to develop the Centre’s facilities, allowing us to offer meditators ideal conditions for practice. donate

While course fees cover the Centre’s running costs and basic maintenance, we are entirely reliant on donations for development of the Centre’s buildings and grounds and for refurbishments.

You can help sustain the Centre and ensure it continues to improve by making a tax deductible donation to the Building Fund or by leaving a bequest in your will.

Planned Building Projects

Priority Maintenance for Sasana House

Estimated cost: $6,000 +

The aging Sasana House from the Rutland Rd entrance

In March 2017 we conducted a comprehensive inspection of the aged Sasana House to determine the most important maintenance needs. We are hoping to complete these improvements as soon as possible to ensure the building remains safe and comfortable for meditators, staff and volunteers for years to come. The following priorities have been identified:

  • Rewiring parts of the main building, where some wiring has been found to be ancient and in need of replacement. The electrician’s quote for this work is $4,000.
  • Attending to the rising damp in the teacher’s quarters by digging a trench and building a retaining wall. This kind of work has already been done on the western end of the building and has proven effective. The quote for this is between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on whether a digger is needed.

If we raise more than we need for the above items, that money will go towards:

  • Additional roof insulation in the main building to maximize heating and cooling.
  • Realignment of some gutters where water is pooling.
  • Replacement of cracked roofing on the verandah and installation of barge capping.
  • Replacement of a decaying awning post on the southern stairwell.

New Staff Accommodation

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Estimated cost: $190,000
Status: $42,000 raised – as at June 2017

We’d like to provide our hard working resident staff with on-site accommodation away from the busy retreat area where they are currently located.  The new accommodation would also provide more space and a private bathroom and kitchen. This will help us to recruit and retain good staff – which in turn improves our capacity to develop and maintain the Centre and support yogis in their practice. Plans are approved for two self-contained one bedroom units near the top north-eastern corner of the property on Rutland Road.

To contribute, please go to our Give Now page to make a tax deductible donation.

Past Projects

Entrance Paving


Completed March 2015
Total Cost: $7,286

Paving the entrance paths provided a welcoming and attractive approach to the Centre, and means there is now an even surface for the less sure-footed amongst us. The project also included the installation of storm-water drainage and steps to the adjoining staff parking area.

Kitchen Refurbishment


Completed August 2014
Total Cost: $69,634

This major refurbishment provided  greater storage and bench space, separation of preparation and clean up areas, upgraded appliances and an overall cooking environment in keeping with current health and safety standards. This was seen as a significant investment enabling BMIMC to continue to host and feed mediators for many years to come.

Entrance-way Verandah


Completed March 2014
Total cost: $15,887

The discovery of rotting of wall timbers in the veranda bathroom meant we were compelled to rebuild the walls of the north-east corner of Sasana House.  In doing so it was obvious that much could also be done to improve the entire front entry, and that building work was carried out at the same time, adding an attractive new decking and covered way.

Earlier Improvements


2007 – paths and walkways stage 1



2008 – paths and walkways stage 2



2005-2006 – central heating for the centre



2004 – heating the meditation hall



2001-2003 – new accommodation for meditators



1990s, early days – building the meditation hall