Become a Monthly Giver

As we cautiously emerge from the Covid crisis we are optimistic but somewhat uncertain about how or when the Centre will be able to return to its usual retreat schedule. These have been challenging times and we have had to make careful decisions to preserve the Centre’s finances without our usual income from retreat fees. Government assistance has been vital in keeping the Centre afloat and has enabled us to keep our three part-time staff members in their jobs.

But the government assistance will soon end. Meanwhile, in addition to keeping our staff employed to manage and maintain the Centre, we have a range of ongoing expenses such as insurance, office expenses, maintenance equipment and materials, utility costs and so on. 

Our transition back to full retreat capacity is likely to be gradual especially because many of our teachers are based overseas and the international travel restrictions are likely to remain in place for some time.

To help sustain the centre financially over this transitional period we are appealing to our generous community members to commit to our Covid Recovery Monthly giving program.

By offering an ongoing monthly donation of $25, $45 or even $100 you will not only help with our short-term running costs but allow us to anticipate our ongoing monthly donations income so we can plan for future retreats.

There is no minimum commitment period, and you can cancel or reduce your monthly donation at any time if your own financial situation changes.

BMIMC is a rare place of refuge in a world of busyness and confusion.  It has taken more than 30 years, and the generosity of a great many people, for the Centre to develop from an idea into a reality.  Your donation is needed now to help ensure that this wonderful community resource can continue to offer the teachings of the Buddha in an environment that supports their learning and understanding