We are looking for a new Centre Manager

As noted by the Buddha, change is an inescapable aspect of life.  At BMIMC we are experiencing change both in terms of the bush fire situation and also with our staffing arrangements.

It is with enormous gratitude and sadness that we are saying goodbye to our beloved manager Margie and her partner Stuart (aka Bugs).  They have brought an amazing amount of community, stability and growth to the Centre during the last 2 years.  Fortunately for us, they are only moving down the road to Blackheath and so will remain involved with the Centre.

Margie is planning on rejoining the Centre’s management committee and will also be devoting more time to her artist career.  If we’re lucky, she may find time to cook some of the delights that we’ve become accustom to eating over the past 2 years.  Bugs will continue to provide support to the Centre in IT and building maintenance.  His expertise in both of these areas has been of enormous benefit to the Centre and helped with the renovation of a number of problem areas in the old buildings plus the implementation of our online booking system.

Margie and Bugs in action

With an ending also comes a new beginning. As Margie and Bugs move on, we are very fortunate to have Rebecca who is willing to take on a number of extra duties as the Centre Co-ordinator as we look for a new Centre Manager (or couple)

While this process takes place we will be relying on members of the committee and other experienced volunteers to manage the upcoming retreats.  So far we have been able to cover all retreats up to 13 April.  After then, it is possible that a retreat may need to be cancelled if we are unable to adequately staff it.  We will continue to find suitable staff for all remaining retreats in 2020 but if a retreat needs to be cancelled we will provide at least 2 months notice.

If this position is of interest to you and you are familiar with the Centre and the way it operates please send us an email and tell us about yourself