Solar Update

In our February 2019 fundraising appeal for the Solar system installation we said we believed the system could deliver power savings of $5,000 per year and provided the following table to show the expected long term pay-off.

The system was installed in March and we have just received our reading from Origin Energy which to our delight shows a 67% net reduction in KW/h consumption from the grid between Jan-Jul compared to the same period last year.

Origin Energy Usage Report

This amounts to a $1,486 cost reduction but with the solar panels only installed in March it covers just under five months of solar usage, and they are the colder months. We expect the power consumption rate will drop and our grid feed-in will increase as the days get longer and warmer in the months ahead. So on the face of it we’re on track to make that $5000 saving. In any case I will provide another update next March.

So, to everyone who donated, a very big thank you. I hope this information demonstrates your kind gift has been worthwhile. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post in the comments below.

Yael Wasserman – Fundraising and Promotion