BMIMC Retreats


Awakening Our Natural Wisdom: Greg Scharf and Jill Shepherd

Fri 1 Sep to 15 Sep 2017 places available

This silent retreat will draw primarily on teachings from the Theravada Buddhist tradition, emphasising continuity of present moment awareness as the foundation for clear seeing and the arising of wisdom. The format will include instruction in both Insight and Loving-kindness meditation, an optional daily period of mindful movement, and meetings with the teachers. The retreat is suitable for both beginning and experienced students of meditation.

Long weekend retreat led by Michael Dash

Sat 30 Sep to 2 Oct 2017 Places available

Michael Dash has been a Buddhist practitioner for over twenty years, studying in Australia, Thailand and Burma, where he trained in satipatthāna vipassanā meditation in the Mahāsī tradition. He also has led the Centre’s regular group sits in Sydney and is a professional counsellor. The focus of the retreat is on realistic and practical understanding of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation with an emphasis on personalising the practice and using it in everyday life. This retreat is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced meditators.

Nine day retreat led by Patrick Kearney

Fri 13 Oct to 22 Oct 2017 waiting list only

Patrick teaches satipaṭṭhāna, the way of mindfulness, in the lineage of Mahāsī Sayādaw. He emphasises the cultivation of a felt continuity of awareness by tracking the elemental flow of experience that lies beneath our habitual concepts and reactions. As we become intimate with what is already present we discover the radical simplicity of the practice, and we learn to “live independently, not clinging to anything in the world” (Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta MN 10).

Steven Smith, 2014
Nine-day retreat with Steven Smith

Fri 27 Oct to 4 Nov 2017 waiting list only

Anchored in the Theravadan Buddhist Burmese lineage of Mahasi Sayadaw since 1974, Steven Smittth was trained and sanctioned as a teacher by revered monk and meditation master Sayadaw U Pandita. Steven teaches Vipassana and the Divine Abodes (loving-kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity) in meditation retreats around the world. He co-founded Vipassana Hawai’i in 1984 and in 1995 founded the MettaDana Project for educational and medical projects in Burma. Also in 1995 Steven helped establish the Kyaswa Valley Retreat Center in Burma, headed by Sayadaw U Lakkhana, Abbot of Kyaswa Monastery. This retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators. Please note this course has an airfare supplement.

Unwrapping Insight - Weekend Retreat with Andrew Luff

Fri 15 Dec to 17 Dec 2017 Places Available

This retreat will focus on learning how to meet a our experience with a gentle intention, giving permission for experience to arise so we can become familiar with it, Developing  a gentle familiarity with our experience gives rise to calm and wisdom.


Seven-day study retreats with Bhikkhu Anālayo (Douglas Park NSW)

Sat 14 Jul to 28 Jul 2018

This course will undertake an in-depth study of mindfulness meditation based on a comparative study of the three extant versions of the Satipatthāna-sutta, where besides the well-known version in the Pali Canon, two parallels have been preserved in Chinese.

The course is meant for experienced practitioners of meditation only, who wish to deepen their understanding of the canonical source material. While based on the academic method of research, the emphasis throughout the course will be on what is of practical relevance to actual meditation practice. The course will combine study and discussion sessions in the mornings with meditation practice during the rest of the day.