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Priority Maintenance for Sasana House

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The aging Sasana House from the Rutland Rd entrance

In March 2017 we conducted a comprehensive inspection of the aged Sasana House to determine the most important maintenance needs. We are hoping to complete these improvements as soon as possible to ensure the building remains safe and comfortable for meditators, staff and volunteers for years to come. The following priorities have been identified:

  • Rewiring parts of the main building, where some wiring has been found to be ancient and in need of replacement. The electrician’s quote for this work is $4,000.
  • Attending to the rising damp in the teacher’s quarters by digging a trench and building a retaining wall. This kind of work has already been done on the western end of the building and has proven effective. The quote for this is between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on whether a digger is needed.

If we raise more than we need for the above items, that money will go towards:

  • Additional roof insulation in the main building to maximize heating and cooling.
  • Realignment of some gutters where water is pooling.
  • Replacement of cracked roofing on the verandah and installation of barge capping.
  • Replacement of a decaying awning post on the southern stairwell.