Foundations of Buddhism and Meditation led by Danny Taylor

26 May to 28 May 2017 Waiting list only

Course code: DT1-17
Cost: $190

This weekend is for people who want to understand the foundations of Buddhism and its relationship to meditation.

Buddhism is about lived experience. The Buddha’s natural approach was pragmatic, which means his ideas and frameworks are practical, and meant to change our lives. So while we will explore Buddhist frameworks and theory, we will see how they are meant to dislodge us from our current state, to make us different in a positive way, and we will understand what this actually means!

In this way it will become clear why Buddhism cannot be reduced to being just a philosophy, or another form of psychology, but is pointing to something well beyond both.

Meditation will be part of this weekend but explored and practiced in its Buddhist context as a foundation for living. The Buddha’s vision is hopeful and inspired. This spirit will inform our weekend.

The retreat is particularly for people new to Buddhism but is also open to anyone drawn to this topic.

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