The Noble Eightfold Path: Jill Shepherd (Blue Mountains)

15 Jan to 19 Feb 2017 Places available. Early bird $30

Course code: JS3-17
Cost: $50 +dana

This six-week course is two hours on one day over six weekends is offered in the Blue Mountains on Sundays 10-12pm  on January 15, 22 and 29 and  February 5,12 and 19. It is also offerred in Sydney.   Register here.

The path to freedom laid out by the Buddha is a very holistic one, comprising ethical action, meditative development and wisdom.  Although the Buddha emphasised the importance of developing all three of these aspects together, meditation practice is often given the most importance and the other two aspects are sometimes overlooked.

This six week course will explore the Noble Eightfold Path as a comprehensive training to integrate dharma understanding into our daily lives.  This integration then supports the deepening of insight and wisdom, which in turn, refines our capacity to live skilfully in the world, with greater ease and freedom.

Each two-hour class will include a dharma talk, some silent meditation practice, and small group discussion.  During the six weeks of the course, you will be invited to maintain (or establish) a regular sitting practice and keep a practice journal, to help inform the small group discussions during each meeting.

Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced meditators.

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