Blessing of the Buddha

In a few weeks we will be holding a consecration ceremony (buddhābhiseka maṅgala) to mark the installation of a beautiful carved stone Buddha image that was recently donated by a long-time supporter of the Centre.

The ceremony will be conducted by Sayadaw U Pannathami, the first resident teacher at BMIMC. Residing at the Centre from 1991 – 2000, Sayadaw introduced and guided many yogis in the classical Mahasi meditation form and was instrumental in engaging the support of the local Burmese community which was invaluable in the Centre’s early development.

This ceremony gives us the opportunity to come together to acknowledge the tradition upon which the Centre was founded and give thanks to the many people who have contributed since it was established in 1988. There is so much to be thankful for! Whether it be in the form of donations, volunteering time in the kitchen or garden, or simply doing yogi jobs on retreat, it is the continued cumulation of care and attention from the wider community over many years that has created the beautiful sanctuary for practicing the Dharma that we are blessed with. 

The new Buddha image is situated on the southern side of the property, above the lower carpark. This area had been overgrown and saw little use in the past but has now been opened up and transformed into a tranquil place for quiet contemplation, both during and outside of retreats. 

The ceremony will be held at 9am on Sunday 5 February, 2023 and will be followed by the offering of lunch to Sayadaw around 11am and then a shared lunch for everyone. 

Everyone is welcome!  

There is no charge for attendance but we ask that you please register if you would like to attend so we can cater appropriately. 

Finally, a big thanks to long term supporter Kim Fisch who donated the Buddha image and to Stuart Robertson and Gavin Cusack who undertook the tricky task of relocating this very heavy object from the Southern Highlands to where it now sits at the Centre. 

We hope to see you on 5 February. 

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  1. Apologies I am unable to attend the Blessing Of The Buddha ceremony as I’m away. Have a lovely day on the fifth Feb. Lots of Metta,